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Hello all. This is my blog which I will be using primarily to show pictures that I have taken while I am in Bulgaria. Any thoughts or opinions are strictly my own and no one elses.

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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Turkey Day

Well this weekend I celebrated my second Thanksgiving in Bulgaria, I had a great time. I spent it with both old and new friends at the same place I did last year, Maegen's. Once again the food was fantastic. At the end of the day my pants were to tight and I didn't want to move. Everyone had a great time eating, laughing, and talking.
One thing that I noticed, for me however, was a somewhat sad feeling. This was the last Thanksgiving that I will ever spend here in Bulgaria with these friends and it was a bit depressing. It made me realise how fast time has gone by and how little time is left.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

More acting pics

Just wanted to put up some pictures of my 11B class. They acted out the Friends episode, The one with all the rugby.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Winnie the Pooh

The past two weeks in my 11 and 12th grade classes we have been reading and analyzing Shakespeare. As you can imagine this can be an incredibly boring subject for a bunch of high school kids, I can't even imagine how confusing Shakespeare is to a non native speaker of English, I can barely understand it and I know Emglish real goob.
Anyway we have been acting out Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet and one of my classes asked if the could act out something that they chose. I asked what they would act out and they said Winnie the Pooh. Great idea I thought. So today my 11а acted out part of a Winnie the Pooh show, Pooh's birthday. It was allot of fun for me and the students had a blast too. My 11в class chose to do a Friends episode (The one with all the rugby), fun was had by all.

Sunday, November 19, 2006


Ok well my blogging stinks. There's really not much going on right now so I don't have much to blog about. This isn't a bad thing though because time is going by pretty quick which is good, but it's also bad, so it's normal. For the past month my life has been, more or less, wake up, teach, work on the grant I am writing for my school, figure out what I am going to teach tomorrow, and go to bed. Then wake up and do it again.
The good news is that the grant is submitted so I don't have to think about it for a little while. The bad news is that I said I would start a course teaching the teachers at my school English on Monday. I have a sinking feeling allot of teachers are going to show up tomorrow. I am hoping for a small group that I can have informal relaxed lessons with, but if the group is large then the lessons will have to be more formal and therefore less fun and more of a pain in the ass. Of course as the course goes on fewer and fewer people will show up as the teachers loose interest so ultimately it will be ok I think.